The following beliefs and values are based on the commitment that students will be the primary consideration in all decision making.


•    Recognising and valuing the opinions of others
•    Recognising and valuing the diverse talents and abilities of all individuals
•    Acknowledging the effort and achievements of others
•    Encouraging a positive presentation and image of the school

•    Being truthful to ourselves and others
•    Reflecting on our own values and opinions regularly
•    Taking personal responsibility for words and actions
•    Giving and accepting honest feedback to assist development

•    Encouraging and providing opportunities for all to participate in the school community
•    Recognising and utilising everybody’s abilities and contributions
•    Supporting minorities by making decisions empathetically
•    Understanding where others “come from” so there is less judgement

Effective Communication
•    Communicating is the responsibility of everyone
•    Speaking to relevant people
•    Listening to direct and indirect messages
•    Strategically applying the timing and the delivery of interactions

Enjoyment and Humour
•    Having the ability to laugh at yourself
•    Having the ability to laugh with others respectfully
•    Having fun
•    Developing an approach to education that values humour

Teamwork and Co-operation
•    Working together to achieve common goals
•    Recognising and valuing the abilities and contributions of team members
•    Accepting and supporting group decisions