Feedback from our Parent Opinion Survey in 2018

"This school is really person centred and always striving to improve its standards"

"We are very pleased about the commitment and clear expectations set in place for

our child to learn, grow and excel within this school which as parents will be exiting to

follow and witness the positive results from the schools ingrained beliefs of respect

and being the best you can."

"A wonderful community with a strong focus on helping everyone do better

(in many ways). Thankyou for the commitment and efforts provided

by all staff - we feel very lucky to be part of BWPS."

"Excellent teachers who really listen and take on board any concerns I may

have with my child. All staff within the school are approachable and friendly from

administration to teachers to maintenance and principal. Very happy with the school."

"Great school community, excellent variety of opportunities for kids. Thank you."

"I am very pleased with the schooling my child has received at BWPS,

as it continues to support her to be a well-rounded student. She benefits from

the fact that the teachers are provided with strong professional development

in academic areas, as well as areas such as health, relationships and big

picture stuff like ethics.

I am really grateful for the fact my daughter gets to learn alongside kids from

many different backgrounds and abilities, and so she is developing a great sense

of empathy and awareness of others that is so important."

"Our son transitioned into prep this year and has shown some difficulty regulating

his emotions and settling into his new routine.

All staff, from the leadership team and teaching staff, to the office staff, classroom aides

and specialised teachers have shown warmth, patience and creativity in their approach

to ensuring he feels safe and included in his learning. Feedback from staff is always

focused on our children’s strengths, and we have never felt that we need to ‘fix’ any

issues in isolation. We very much feel a part of a team, with everybody

taking responsibility for making adjustments and improvements.


We get the sense that a lot of time and energy goes into understanding the needs and

abilities of individual children, which our children notice and thrive on. Simple things like

knowing the names of important people in the children’s lives, which footy team they

barrack for, and celebrating birthdays and achievements, makes for such a warm

and welcoming community within the school.


This is something I notice within the broader school community too, where other

parents and carers provide support and encouragement to one another.

Many times I have been surprised to see a mum waiting to make sure my Son

and I have entered the school gate, and providing help in any way they can.


We feel so grateful to belong to a school community which has so much

understanding of complex needs, and how providing a safe and nurturing

environment leads to incredible learning, social and emotional gains."

"B.W.P.S has been apart of my family for the past ten years and will be

part of our family for the rest of my childrens lifes."

"Bairnsdale West is a caring place - its teachers are enthusiastic and very caring.

This is very important to families so that they feel that their children are safe

and cared for while at school."