To:            Parents & Guardians       

From:        BWPS Leadership Team

Date:         23.03.2020

Re:            School Closure – COVID 19


Dear Parents/Caregivers,


As you are aware, the government is now taking precautionary action to prevent the spread and ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID 19.


As part of this action, Victorian schools will be closed as of 3:20 this afternoon (Monday 23/03/20). Our school office will remain open for the rest of the week and we will endeavour to answer all of your questions.


We understand this is a challenging and unpredictable time for everyone. We would like to thank our school community for all your support and understanding.



This is a very strange and different time for us all. Bairnsdale West Primary School has always promoted our motto of a ‘Caring Learning Community’. With that in mind, we need to make sure we look after each other, check in and think about how we can show support. We may not be able to visit each other but we can certainly send a text message, phone call or FaceTime each other. Alternatively, go old fashioned and send a letter.


Lots of us will be home over the coming weeks, make sure you use this time to connect with each other and ‘do’ things as a family. You are still allowed to go for a walk, just remember to keep a good distance between you and others and remember good hygiene practices.



The holidays are going to look very different this time around. The recommendations are advising us all to stay home, unless we need to access the essentials (supermarkets, doctors, pharmacies etc). For children/families this means we cannot do the following:

  • Play dates

  • Sleepovers

  • Family trips away

  • Going to the pool/movies/skate park/beach

  • Birthday parties/gatherings

We understand that these circumstances could be challenging for everyone. To assist, teachers have been developing ‘work packs’ to be sent home to add a sense of normality for students.


School Work

As part of the planning, staff have been developing ‘homework packs’. The packs will consist of worksheets, games and activities, as well as appropriate resources and websites that can be found online.


We do not expect you to be ‘home-schooling’ your child over the holiday period. The work that we have sent home are revision-type activities that will help keep your child in some form of routine. It is for parents to decide how they will deliver the activities.


We do not know how long this unprecedented situation will last. Teachers will be looking at how to get more packs and information to you in term 2 if the need arises.


Contact Information

In the packs that went home with each family today there were a number of contact details and email addresses of teachers should you need to ask a question, say hello or are seeking some support. Please use them.


Essential Services Workers

During this week, we have a responsibility to provide care and supervision programs for students who are the children (or under the care) of essential services workers, where those families choose to send their children to school. Examples of essential services may include, health and emergency services workers.


For parents who are workers in essential services industries, please let the office know if you require supervision during the holidays. The government is looking for ways to work with us to meet the needs of essential service workers over the two week holiday break.


More information

We will be keeping families up-to-date with information and messages via the Skoolbag App (and our website to a lesser extent). Please keep an eye out for those, as well as regular contact via your classroom teachers. This will be particularly important in regards to decisions that are made in the future, including distribution of further ‘work packs’ and news about the resumption of school.


In Summary…

  • Please continue to support each other during these trying circumstances.
  • Work packs will be distributed to all children. As parents, you are not expected to teach, just help out where you can.
  • More personalised work packs will be made available at the beginning of the proposed resumption of term 2 if the need arises.
  • The Skoolbag App will be one of the main methods of communicating with the whole school community.
  • This week, the office will be open to be contacted and we will endeavour to answer any of your questions.
  • Classroom teachers are available to be contacted (either by email or phone – these contact details have been distributed with the work packs that have been sent out). Also, you can expect regular contact from teachers.


Finally, thank you for your understanding at this critical time. We encourage everyone to take precautionary measures to help keep themselves, family, friends and the community safe.


Yours truly,


BWPS Leadership Team



This website will not be updated over the school holiday period.

Please use the Skoolbag App for further updates as a result of COVID-19.