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“A caring, learning community” is our school motto and it also is an expectation and a motivation for all members of our community to learn together, grow together and support others.

At Bairnsdale West Primary School we are mindful of the trust and expectations of families in choosing our school to be part of the educational journey for your children. The many varied experiences and opportunities for students across a broad range of curriculum areas ensures engagement, enjoyment and positive results for students in their development as learners and as equally people.

Like all schools we place a high emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy, however we highly value the importance of the personal and social development of all students. We place a strong emphasis on the development of emotional literacy through targeted teacher, discussion and support.

The staff at Bairnsdale West Primary School are passionate and informed individuals with a commitment to work together to support all students, the community and each other. Bairnsdale West Primary School is a great place to work and positive relationships are obvious and supported on a daily basis.

We are pleased to be a school with many personalities from diverse backgrounds who join together to learn, to play and to develop the qualities of respect, inclusiveness and support of each other.

Our 3 school expectations are:

  • Respect everyone and everything
  • Be safe and thoughtful
  • Help others to be better

These expectations further support all of our community’s commitment to improve, be welcoming and to belong.

Each day I am very fortunate to observe and be involved in positive relationships with and between students and staff and our community and if you would like to call in for a chat or visit please contact the office to arrange a suitable time.

Doug Vickers

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