Student Leaders

Bairnsdale West Primary School fosters and celebrates a strong Student Leadership Team. We choose to have a team rather than individuals designated as leaders because there is a strong belief at the school that more can be achieved by working together than by yourself.

Grade 6 students are given the chance to apply to be a member of the Student Leadership Team at the start of each year.

The Senior Team staff and School Leadership identify and select students who may grow supportive and influential members of our community and continually demonstrate our school values, especially ‘helping others to be better.’ As role models, Student Leaders aim to:

  • model the three school rules of: Respect Everything and Everyone, Help Others be Better and Be Thoughtful and Safe
  • demonstrate a high standard of the BWPS QALs
  • demonstrate a high standard of respectful relationships
  • demonstrate critical and creative thinking practices
  • be respected by peers
  • be active participants at school events
  • be comfortable taking risks for positive outcomes for self and others
  • communicate thoughts and opinions effectively

Overtime our students have built up the following beliefs about leadership:

  • Having to stick to things as a leader and not give up can be hard
  • Teamwork is helpful in leadership
  • Doing things solo isn’t always easy
  • Your actions make you a leader not just the title
  • Everyone leads in their own way
  • Leaders don’t always take charge
  • Leaders have to put others first sometimes
  • Leaders are not always right
  • Leaders have to commit to be being a leader to enjoy it more
  • Leaders stand up for others
  • Leaders help others to be better
  • Leaders need to take ownership of their actions
  • Leaders have fun with other leaders
  • To stay positive and keep trying when things get difficult is leadership
  • Leaders build up their resilience