At BWPS we are committed to teaching Literacy in a meaningful and engaging manner, by focusing on teaching students how to understand and independently utilise a set of metacognition strategies we refer to as the Highly Effective Learning Strategies (HELS).

Teachers have developed an extensive knowledge of our Literacy Core Curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum, our Instructional Model of Reading, the HELS continuum developed by staff and effective teaching approaches to Literacy based on the First Steps resources.

BWPS staff has a set of agreed resources that compliment and enhance the approaches documented in First Steps. We value key resources and apply the understandings within to develop meaningful and purposeful planning and teaching units.

All teaching and learning of literacy at our school features an environment that supports the enjoyment of Reading and Writing; targetted planned lessons; daily reading and writing groups that are needs based; weekly foci for each student based on set learning goals; opportunities to read and write for a variety of purposes; formative assessment that leads to in the moment teaching; and ongoing assessment as per our agreed Literacy Assessment Schedule.