Specialist Programs

At Bairnsdale West Primary School, students participate weekly in Specialist Subject sessions including; Physical Education and Health Studies, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Science for Grades 3 to 6. These specialist programs provide essential learning, developing skills and learning styles to enhance classroom experiences.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Program at Bairnsdale West Primary School is designed to build on the physical skills of our students whilst providing a safe and comfortable environment to try new activities. Our Junior grades have a major focus in two areas: basic fundamental motor skills and basic movement. Middle and Senior students extend motor skills and movement as well as building strategic thinking around games.

The addition of the new multi-purpose hall at the school has put a new emphasis on Physical Education. The hall provides a closed environment to develop skills and enables students to focus their new learning without the variables associated with weather.

Bairnsdale West PS values Physical Education highly and so do our students. We are always striving to provide the best support possible to improve student’s abilities so they have a greater opportunity to succeed.

Visual Arts Program

The Visual Arts program at Bairnsdale West Primary School promotes a learning environment that encourages, stimulates, and develops the artistic, imaginative and creative abilities of all students.

Through the exploration of a variety of media, students build upon their skills and knowledge and their appreciation of art. Open ended activities covering a diverse range of themes give every student the opportunity to succeed.

At Bairnsdale West PS we offer an Artist in Schools Program in which artists come and work with students using a variety of art mediums. Artwork is proudly displayed in school buildings, giving students, parents and community members the opportunity to view student work whilst moving around the school.

Performing Arts

Bairnsdale West Primary School students participate in weekly Performing Arts classes where they learn a wide variety of performance-based skills focusing on: Drama, Music and Dance Elements covered in Music including singing, exploring rhythm patterns, experimenting with tuned and untuned percussion, listening and responding to different types of music. In Dance students review a variety of dances from both cultural and modern perspectives. They explore space and movement and apply their knowledge to create and choreograph dances. While learning about Drama, students have diverse opportunities to act, with improvisation, mime, character development, puppetry and script work. Public speaking skills are taught and student confidence is fostered in a safe, supportive environment.

School productions, concerts and dances are held so that students gain experience with a range of audiences, and have the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents.

Students in Grades 3 to 6 may also belong to the School Choir which performs at school events and visits other community groups and enables them to share their talents.